I write you words. 
You write me a check. 

It's really pretty straightforward.


Ever since I was a kid I was destined to be a writer. OK, so that's a total lie. For a while there it looked like I might actually do something constructive with my life -- be an architect, a dentist, an IRS agent. Instead I took a job with a newspaper right out of college and put my parents in the awkward position of having to tell friends who asked about me that I was tragically killed in a plane crash. Though I eventually left print journalism in 2010 (I worked for the Charleston Post & Courier for more than 10 years), the scars are still there along with the unstoppable urge to write creatively. I've been hailed as a "genius with words," but it's kind of weird to quote yourself, so forget I mentioned that. Today I specialize in helping businesses small and large create an identity that best reflects who they are. Only in a less boring way than they probably would on their own.